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It's Time To Get FAT!

Are you FAT? I know, that’s an odd and even offensive question to ask. It’s kind of like the question my friend received when he went to the doctor for a checkup. The first question the doctor asked him was,”Are you having any problems other than obesity?”. Not the kind of question you want to hear from your doctor.

The FAT I’m talking about is the acronym for Faithful, Available and Teachable. Maybe you are wondering what does it take to be successful in life. I believe that living out these three words will go a long way to helping you be successful in life and even more important, to live a life of significance. So what does it mean to faithful, available and teachable?

What does it mean to be faithful? Webster defines faithful as, "Deserving trust : keeping your promises or doing what you are supposed to do." I believe keeping our promises is one of the most important keys to living a life of significance. As a business owner I know my word is my bond to my clients. Being faithful to our families, our church, and our friends builds a life of consistency that shows them and the world that we can be trusted to do what we say we will do.

Being available is the next key to living a life of significance. Available means present, able and willing. I’ve had so may opportunities open to me because I was present when needed and I was willing and able to help in any way I could. I personally believe that God places me in situations that allows me to be used and to help people in ways that I would have never been able to do on my own. One of those times happed to me in Paraguay back in 2016. Because I was available and willing to go with a team of John Maxwell coaches, I was blessed to help start transformation in that country by teaching values and principles that will change the lives of the people of that country.

That brings me to my last word, teachable. If we want to live a life of significance, we must be teachable. The people in life that make a difference in the world are the ones who are always growing and learning how to be better in every area of their lives. People who are prideful and who think they already have all the answers will never live a life of significance. We must always seek out people who are further along than we are that we can learn from. It’s been said, “if you are the smartest one in the room you need to find a new room.” Find people who will stretch you and cause you to become greater. Maybe its a coach or a mentor. I have several mentors in my life and I have a personal coach who is helping me to become better in every area of my life. I’m not content with just existing. I want to live a life of significance. I hope you do too.

So remember, work on being FAT. Be Faithful, Available and Teachable. You were not born to just exist. You were born to be great. God has given you everything you need to live a life of significance. Start believing that today and live the life God intended you to live.


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